Artist Statement

My artwork is dedicated towards the act of healing.  My work has displayed a steady meditation on the genre of portrait illustration and painting with a focus on tattoos and ancient indigenous folklore from the Americas. In addition to these two dimensional works, I also follow a long lineage of creating altars. These tactile sculptures utilize elements such as light, fire, water, textiles, plant life, pottery, animal remains, food and photography.

All forms of my work hold an essential place within my ancestral roots and spiritual beliefs. My ancestors, who are indigenous to Central America and Spain, help form a violent embrace in my artistic process. This historical clash, that created a people of mixed race and culture allows me to flow from one rich tradition to another spiritually and artistically. Blended within this embrace is a long history of trauma and pain, which is evident in many of my works. This beautiful yet tragic mixture constructs a focal point on healing making the outcome so much more important for my community and myself.

In the last year I have included sewing and mask making into my artistic practice. I only plan on expanding my craft into more dimensions, creating a larger and more diverse world for audiences to participate in and connect.



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